Dreams, Drugs & Gods

Dreams, Drugs & Gods

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This my second book is a gathering of all my dreams and also The Trial of the Devil. Ia€™m pretty sure I was able to scrape every last shred of it off of the webpage. Here in its condensed form should make for pretty good reading. I hope you enjoy it as I have taken on the challenge of writing the impossible. Yet our society is changing as it realizes that this war on drugs has taken its toll on us and is slowly swinging back to a more open stance.. one of tolerance and understanding. All these people who we shun could rejoin society again and hold their heads high instead of being labelled a criminal. People who have found pot to be a relief to their migraines and backaches. These same people walk in a life of shadow.. sons and daughters relegated to the streets and phobias of the global mind. We should be doing better than this. Defuse this trait, decue its importance and maybe we fi nd utopia by accident. Portugal has already done this and the success rate has been phenomenal. What will it take for everyone to come on board with this mindset?and found a pickup truck i think a ford f150 or ranger . . . something on the small size engine. anyway i posted the pic. suprized that i found a pic with the colour similar to what i saw in my dream . . . (somewhere between white and yellow.)anbsp;...

Title:Dreams, Drugs & Gods
Author:Rob Alexander
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-02-13


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