Drop Zone

Drop Zone

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Among the US Special Forces most valued troops are the Air Force's Pararescue Teams. Known as PJ's, they go places no one else can reach. They climb mountains, penetrate jungles, and descend into freezing waters to retrieve the wounded, the dying...and the secrets their government will kill to uncover. Master Sergeant Jason Johnson is one of the best pararescue jumpers around, a man intimately familiar with massive scenes of destruction - from earthquake-ravaged city in the Philippines to Operation Desert Storm. Outfitted with the military's most sophisticated equipment, Johnson is about to embark on a mission unlike any other. He is about to meet the Brotherhood of Death - a handful of warriors trained to act as a precise airborne hit squad.A Chevy Suburban pulled up next to him. The passenger ... Jason opened the passenger door and climbed into the moving vehicle. ... Jason got out and followed the man upstairs to the vaulted Intelligence room known as aquot;the Black Box.

Title:Drop Zone
Author:Michael Salazar
Publisher:Wheeler Pub Incorporated - 2001


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