e-mails des Hautes Corbieres

e-mails des Hautes Corbieres

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Seeking a second home, Bob a Abi found a dilapidated old country house with 6 acres in a tiny hamlet surrounded by mountains deep in the Hautes Corbieres; a region where ruined Cathar fortresses rise starkly against the skyline and place names are in both French a Occitan. Set in magnificent scenery within a protected forestry area that is a haven for wildlife and with a climate varying from snowy winters to summer Canicules, the location has a timeless atmosphere. A selection from several years of humorous a informative e-mails accompanied by over 60 B/W photos chronicles their purchase a renovation and how they became part of a close knit community whilst overcoming numerous logistical a technical problems to realize their ideal.Wiring. aamp;. Plumbing. a€“. Summer. 2004. les Moulins - Fri 18th June 2004 Hi Tibor aamp; Erin, wea#39;re back in the mountains ... Didna#39;t have a car in the UK as Ia#39;d transferred the Granada to my son last autumn so first evening I phoned a friend who put me onto his neighboura#39;s old Citroen ZX Volcane. Bought it immediately for a few hundred Ap and was soon roaring around in a boy-racer, turbo-charged diesel, rolleranbsp;...

Title:e-mails des Hautes Corbieres
Author:Bob Scott
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2012-02-01


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