e-O-Level Essential Study Guide Add Maths [Geometry & Trigonometry]

e-O-Level Essential Study Guide Add Maths [Geometry & Trigonometry]

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The Essential Study Guide Additional Mathematics series comes in three parts: Part 1: Focuses on the building up of the foundation in Algebra Part 2: Understanding the concepts in Geometry and Trigonometry Part 3: Focuses on Calculus (Differentiation and Integration) This series of books follows the latest curriculum. The author hopes to make the learning of Additional Mathematics less daunting and stressful. Students will be able to learn at their own pace and individual learning is made possible with the simple and yet detailed explanations of concepts.... to be parallel or perpendicular a€c mid-point ofline segment a€c finding the area of rectilinear figure given its vertices a€c graphs of equations a—‹ y ... properties of triangles, special quadrilaterals and circles a€c mid-point theorem and intercept theorem for triangles a€c tangent-chord theorem ... + c andy = a tan (bx), where a and b are positive integers and c is an integer a€c use ofthe following a—‹ sinA_____ cosA =tanA, anbsp;...

Title:e-O-Level Essential Study Guide Add Maths [Geometry & Trigonometry]
Author:Cheng Chung Yu
Publisher:Singapore Asia Publishers Pte Ltd - 2010-05-25


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