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How will members of human society interact with each other in the new millennium and the new qe-sphereq that defines 21st century life? That is the question that writer, teacher, scientist, and futurist Joseph Pelton takes on in this new book. We have moved beyond the qglobal villageq envisioned by Marshall McLuhan. We are now living in the qe-sphereq where rapid-fire, non-stop broad band global communication is the norm. The result is that we no longer receive information passively; to survive we must create and share it. Constant interaction and qfuture compressionq defines the new non-linear paradigm of the world as outlined in Pelton's 21st Century. All this he explores in clear, engaging prose, well buttressed by research and his lifetime of thought. A truly important, necessary study for people at all levels of today's organizations, and for those expecting to live in the age of the qWorld-wide Mind.qThere are nearly 30 million direct-broadcast or direct-to- the-home television receivers in operation worldwide, and this number ... The Echostar or dish system is scheduled to be first to provide local programming in most large urban markets in the ... These include the use of Brazilsat, Cyberstara#39;s SatMex system, the News Corporationa#39;s network on Intelsat 8 satellites, ... Fiber-Optic Cable Technology The first fiber-optic technology was multimode fiber APPENDIX B: A BRIEF GUIDE TOanbsp;...

Author:Joseph N. Pelton
Publisher:Greenwood Publishing Group - 2000-01-01


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