Earth's New Beginning

Earth's New Beginning

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In Gleed's first novel, a highly infectious virus (The Sleeping Death Contagion a€” SDC) kills most of the Earth's population in less than three months. In only three days, the virus causes the death of nearly every infected victim as they sleep. Only a rare and random genetic immunity to the fatal effects of the virus leaves less than one in a hundred thousand survivors. This story follows the lives of six different survivors in Canada, England, Kenya, China, France and the United States for the first nine months after the disease strikes.In the meantime, Jane was occupied trying to understand the instruction manuals for the transceivers, with lots of help from ... Maria did not really understand the concepts of ham radio but was sure if the potential contacts lived so far away then anbsp;...

Title:Earth's New Beginning
Author:John Gleed - 2014-10-10


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