Ecology of Fragmented Landscapes

Ecology of Fragmented Landscapes

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Ask airline passengers what they see as they gaze out the window, and they will describe a fragmented landscape: a patchwork of desert, woodlands, farmlands, and developed neighborhoods. Once-contiguous forests are now subdivided; tallgrass prairies that extended for thousands of miles are now crisscrossed by highways and byways. Whether the result of naturally occurring environmental changes or the product of seemingly unchecked human development, fractured lands significantly impact the planeta€™s biological diversity. In Ecology of Fragmented Landscapes, Sharon K. Collinge defines fragmentation, explains its various causes, and suggests ways that we can put our lands back together. Researchers have been studying the ecological effects of dismantling nature for decades. In this book, Collinge evaluates this body of research, expertly synthesizing all that is known about the ecology of fragmented landscapes. Expanding on the traditional coverage of this topic, Collinge also discusses disease ecology, restoration, conservation, and planning. Not since Richard T. T. Forman's classic Land Mosaics has there been a more comprehensive examination of landscape fragmentation. Ecology of Fragmented Landscapes is critical reading for ecologists, conservation biologists, and students alike. -- Renate Sandera€” Regier... past 40 years, and much of this literature has been covered in the past several chapters. Studies of habitat loss and fragmentation are essential to conservation biology, where the goal is to protect, preserve, and maintain biological ... capital ( A.P. Dobson, Bradshaw, and Baker 1997; Clewell 2000; Daily and Ellison 2002; Clewell and Aronson 2006). Theoretical and empirical studies of habitat loss and fragmentation can guide both restoration and conservation activities, because the anbsp;...

Title:Ecology of Fragmented Landscapes
Author:Sharon K. Collinge
Publisher:JHU Press - 2009-11-01


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