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EconoPower will provide you with a firm understanding of the influence of modern economics and how it can be used to improve the world we live in. It offers practical advice on numerous personal financial mattersa€”earning, saving, investing, and retiringa€”based on the breakthrough contributions of behavioral economists. And it looks at how economists are working successfully on issues such as public education, crime, and global warming. EconoPower also examines how a new economic philosophy may dominate the new millennium.He is critical of actively managed mutual funds, which are not likely to beat the markets (as noted above) because of high fees, ... The Yale investor sets high standards: a€œOf the 9, 000 or 10, 000 mutual funds in the United States, a mere several dozen ... Swensen contends that you can win at the active-management game, but it is extremely difficult. ... gained approximately 15 percent during the past decade, easily surpassing the average pension plans and U.S. stock market indexes.

Author:Mark Skousen
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2011-01-04


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