Ecstatic Wives

Ecstatic Wives

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How do you like the thought of this hot wife story? Chloe on the Beach (Cuckolding in Public for Graeme) A Hot Wife Story by Karla Sweet This lovely hot wife tale is only one of the stories youa€™ll find in this collection. Click now and you can have it on your device in almost no time at all. Warning: This ebook is intended for qmature audiencesq only! Here are the rest of the stories: 2. Brada€™s Brutality and Me (My Very Rough First Time Experience) An Tale of Rough Cuckoldry by Sarah Blitz 3. Colea€™s Special Show (Sleeping With My Best Friend While My Husband Watches) A First Lesbian Tale by Kimmie Katt 4. Double Penetration with My Husband and the Handyman (My First Swinger Experience) A Hot Wife Erotica Story by Alice Drake 5. Lance and Me (My Husband Watched My First Time!) A Tale of Cuckoldry by Connie Hastings 6. One Husband, One Wife, One Friend, and Two Strap-Ons (Making My Husband Be the Girl) A Rough FFM Erotica Story with Domination by Andrea Tuppens 7. Alice Faradaya€™s Replacement An FFM Threesome Story by Angela Ward 8. Cheryl and Her Husband An FFM Threesome Story by Brianna Spelvin 9. A Friday Foursome A Wife Swap Story by Amy Dupont 10. Mary Anne the Hot Wife (My Wonderful Rough FFM MAcnage a Trois) A Story of a Hot Wife by Geena Flix 11. Roughing It with My New Husband (Our First Time!) A First Time Story by Tara Skye 12. Caught By Aaron (When My Husband Was Dominated!) An FFM MAcnage a Trois Story with Bondage by Melody Anson 13. Hubby at the End of His Rope (And at Constancea€™s Backdoor!) A First Time Story by Skyler French 14. My Boss and Her Husband Both Want Me An FFM Threesome Short by Hope Parsons 15. Reigniting the Spark An Erotic Romance Story by Nycole Folk 16. The Wife's Birthday Bang (The MILF, and Her Husband) A Rough Group Story by Savannah Deeds 17. Come On Boys, Youa€™re Not Just Gonna Watch Are You? A Rough Wife Swap Story by Carolyne Cox 18. My Husband and a His Tight Girlfriend (The Surprise Threesome) An FFM MAcnage a Trois Story by Kandace Tunn 19. Pompis A Very Rough FFM Threesome Short by Fran Diaz 20. That Wasna€™t Part of the Plan! (But My First Lesbian Experience Was Wonderful!) An FFM MAcnage a Trois Story by Jeanna YungTwenty Hot Wife Stories Kandace Tunn, Fran Diaz, Jeanna Yung, Skyler French, Hope Parsons, Nycole Folk, Savannah ... to guide his cock, and to this day I dona#39;t understand why I didna#39;t guide it into my pussy, which felt desperately empty andanbsp;...

Title:Ecstatic Wives
Author:Kandace Tunn, Fran Diaz, Jeanna Yung, Skyler French, Hope Parsons, Nycole Folk, Savannah Deeds, Carolyne Cox, Karla Sweet, Sarah Blitz, Kimmie Katt, Alice Drake, Connie Hastings, Andrea Tuppens, Angela Ward, Brianna Spelvin, Amy Dupont, Geena Flix, Tara Skye, Melody Anson
Publisher:Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press - 2015-04-21


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