Educating Stone

Educating Stone

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Imagine an electronic implant the size of a watermelon seed that delivers a college education in a 45 minute surgical procedure! Neurosurgeon Arthur Anderson does just that. He locates a volunteer for this revolutionary device and does the procedure over the severe objections of the medical society and the higher education system! On top of those problems an ethics-free business man wants to take control of Doctor Andersona€™s device. In Educating Stone, it is all there and more as this drama plays out in the lives of Arthur Anderson, Carl Stone, Clark Dowell, Betti and others. The companion novel poetry book Bettia€™s Blog Beyond Stone has many more blog comments and other thought provoking poetic selections for reading pleasure. It may be read apart from Educating Stone. The author is a romantic, a writer and a novice painter living in Phoenix, Arizona. William Davida€™s first set of Books are the novel Gunplay: Beauty Redeemed, and the companion novel poetry book Bettia€™s Blog: Beyond Beauty Redeemed.You can remotely start your car from inside your home or a restaurant. How convenient these things are. Homes have climate control ... Do youwant toskate onan icerinkin the summer? Doyou wanttohave green grassin the middle of winter?

Title:Educating Stone
Author:William David
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-01-10


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