Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning: Prospects and Challenges

Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning: Prospects and Challenges

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Modern technology has pervaded every aspect of human life today, bringing about fundamental changes in the character of human societies. In the post-industrial era we learned to produce and control material goods. However, the phenomenal use of technology in the current Information Era has taught us to produce, control and disseminate Information at large. This has accounted for the concepts of global village, globalization and global economy. Education, which is considered to be the backbone of any society, cannot keep itself impervious to this paradigm shift. As such, in this era, education needs to revitalize and revamp itself to remain abreast with the other related sectors. Educational institutions must fast adopt technological innovations to meet the demands and needs of the new man force and sustain and enhance their quality and excellence of work. The technological changes being talked about here refer to the modern methods and strategies of teaching-learning vis-An-vis the incorporation of machines to provide an easy, efficient, effective, flexible and widespread access to education. Time and again, efforts have been made by the academic community and the researchers to integrate educational technology effectively in the pedagogical practices. However, the impact so far has been minor. This is particularly more so in Indian context. Where on one side educationists talk about technology-based solutions to educational problems, the actual functionality of educational technology needs improvement. It seems that the potential of educational technology in the field of teaching-learning has not been completely harnessed. The main reasons may be ascribed to still-in-use industrial paradigm. Institutions, lack of appropriate planning, paucity of funds and other resources, shortage of hardware, absence of standards, inadequacy of teacher preparation, need of software updates, lack of knowledge of how to apply technology in the classroom, nadequate quality research, digital divide, gender bias of technology, etc. It is also seen that institutions acquire modern technological equipments and call themselves technology-rich and technology-enabled. The result is low level of technology-based learning and complete wastage of man and material resources. We must understand that educational technology should be used in such a way that it facilitates teaching-learning in the best possible ways and promotes critical thinking skills among both the learners and the educators. Thus we can say that educational technology can yield desirable results only with prudent planning and strategic and pragmatic implementation of the plans. Though a lot has been said about the prototype educational system with the best educational technology usage, this area is still in need of extensive discourses and brain storming sessions. It is in this context that a one day National Conference on the topic 'Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning: Prospects and Challenges' was organized by the Department of Education, Patna Women's College, Patna under the aegis of University Grants Commission, New Delhi on March 3, 2012. About 300 delegates across the country participated in this Conference to discourse upon various aspects of educational technology, their potential and related constraints in the teaching-learning process. This book is a compendium of selected qualitative and quantitative research papers presented in the Conference. I place it in your hands for your appreciation and critical suggestions.The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated lesson specific 3D and 2D multimedia modules. ... The curriculum unfolds from kindergarten to grade twelve covering subjects like mathematics, science, English, EVS, Socialanbsp;...

Title:Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning: Prospects and Challenges
Author:Doris D'Souza, Upasana Singh, Durga Sharma, Prabhas Ranjan
Publisher:Patna Women's College Publication, Patna - 2013-12-30


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