Einstein's Physics

Einstein's Physics

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What exactly did Einstein do that's so important in physics? We provide an introduction to his physics at a level accessible to an undergraduate student. All equations are worked out in detail from the beginning. Although the book is written with primarily a physics readership in mind (it can also function as a textbook), enough pedagogical support material is provided that anyone with a solid background in introductory physics (say, an engineer) can, with someeffort, understand a good part this presentation.We show why Einstein's papers were decisive to our understanding of matter as composed of molecules and atoms; why is he regarded as a founding father of quantum theory; how did his relativity theory bring about the new understanding thattime, just like space, is relative; and how did his general relativity extend Newton's theory to new physical realm, allowing us to study black holes and cosmology.This is compatible with the general practice in physics of calling any function of space and time a€œfielda€. coupling ... For this we shall adopt the language of 4- vectors and 4-tensors in 4D Minkowski spacetime (as discussed in Chapter 11) so asanbsp;...

Title:Einstein's Physics
Author:Ta-Pei Cheng
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2013-01-31


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