El on Earth at Jacob's Well

El on Earth at Jacob's Well

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There are no baby pictures of Jacob El in his parents' house. No family photos beckon anyone to remember anything, or tell the story of his life together with his dad and mom in their little town in Israel. The neighbors old enough to remember a time before the Els came say it was as if the family sprung whole and complete from the Judean wilderness and left no trace of their arrival. Years before he learns to run like the wind, and long before his name is known in every home around the world, Jacob El is just an ordinary boy. He has never fallen in love, or buried a friend, never played in the World Cup, never battled The Shining in front of the whole world, and never had a son. But when a mysterious stranger enters their lives, Jacob is suddenly thrust into a life less ordinary and begins a journey that will test the bonds of family and friends, and shatter the boundaries of time.He untangled Jakea#39;s leg and did one of the most painful things he had ever done to his son: he picked him up. ... The guy was young for Benjamina#39;s liking, but he was good a€” had a portable, hi-frequency x-ray machine to examine Jake, the kind for serious injuries when medics ... a€œLots of football clubs. Good coaching at the youth level too. ... his leg like some mad scientist had wanted to build a bigger , robot Jacob and decided to just frame over the flesh-and-blood Jacob as a template.

Title:El on Earth at Jacob's Well
Author:Markus Tav
Publisher:Markus Tav -


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