Electric Literature

Electric Literature

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Electric Literature's sixth anthology travels highways, the waters of New York's harbors, and the grooves of a burned out LP. In Matt Sumell's qOK, q a son visits his stubbornly suicidal father at his flea infested home.In qWhere We Missed Was Everywhere, q by Mary Otis, a brother and sister seek refuge from a funeral in a Beach Boys classic. The siblings in Marc Basch's qThreeq react to one brother's dealings with a kid bully they encounter on a back country road. The subjects of a starvation experiment in Steve Edward's qDaily Breadq find their worlds reduced to the size of their stomachs. And the anthology's final story, qThe Readerq by Nathan Englander, chronicles a discouraged author haunted by his one remaining reader.When the check-engine light pops up glowing on his dashboard, author sees it simply as another small test in the life of the true artist. Check ... author stops, blinks, an ear cocked toward the room. author stands with the door in his hand as if hea#39;s just heard his own birdcall. a€œWriter ... a€œYes, offense, a€ the old man says. and then hea#39;s off rhapsodizing, singing authora#39;s praises. author does not take it personally.

Title:Electric Literature
Author:Nathan Englander, Mary Otis, Matt Sumell
Publisher:Electric Literature - 2011-09-01


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