Electrical Machines Iii

Electrical Machines Iii

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Construction and Principle of operation : Constructional features of round rotor and salient pole machines - Armature winding - Integral slot and fractional slot windings; Distributed and concentrated windings - Distribution, pitch and winding factors - E.M.F. equation.Synchronous Generator Characteristics : Harmonics in generated e.m.f. - Suppression of harmonics - Armature reaction - Leakage reactance - Synchronous reactance and impedance - Experimental determination - Phasor diagram - Load characteristics.Regulation of Synchronous Generator : Regulation by synchronous impedance method, M.M.F. method, Z.P.F. method and A.S.A. methods - Salient pole alternators - Two reaction analysis - experimental determination of Xd and Xq (Slip test) Phasor diagrams - Regulation of salient pole alternators.Parallel Operation of Synchronous Generator : Synchronizing alternators with infinite bus bars - Synchronizing power torque - Parallel operation and load sharing - Effect of change of excitation and mechanical power input. Analysis of short circuit current waveform - Determination of sub-transient, transient and steady state reactances.Synchronous Motors - Principle of Operation : Theory of operation - Phasor diagram - Variation of current and power factor with excitation - Synchronous condenser - Mathematical analysis for power developed.Power Circles : Excitation and power circles - Hunting and its suppression - Methods of starting - Synchronous induction motor.Single Phase Motors : Single phase motors : Single phase induction motor - Constructional features - Double revolving field theory - Elementary idea of cross-field theory - Split phase motors - Shaded pole motor.Special Motors : Principle and performance of A.C. series motor - Universal motor - Principle of permanent magnet and reluctance motors.The important aspects of various topics are highlighted using the Key Points, included in the respective discussions of the topics ... The solved problems from University Papers are also added in this book. ... parameters of armature winding, armature reaction, voltage equation, phasor diagram and regulation of an alternator.

Title:Electrical Machines Iii
Author:M.V.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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