Electrical Principles 3 Checkbook

Electrical Principles 3 Checkbook

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Electrical Principles 3 Checkbook aims to introduce students to the basic electrical principles needed by technicians in electrical engineering, electronics, and telecommunications. The book first tackles circuit theorems, single-phase series A.C. circuits, and single-phase parallel A.C. circuits. Discussions focus on worked problems on parallel A.C. circuits, worked problems on series A.C. circuits, main points concerned with D.C. circuit analysis, worked problems on circuit theorems, and further problems on circuit theorems. The manuscript then examines three-phase systems and D.C. transients, including worked problems on D.C. transients, main points concerned with three-phase systems, and worked problems on three-phase systems. The text ponders on single-phase transformers, D.C. machines, and introduction to three-phase induction motors. Topics include worked problems on an introduction to three-phase induction motors; main points concerned with D.C. machines; worked problems on D.C. machines; and main points concerned with an introduction to three-phase induction motors. The publication then elaborates on the main points and worked problems concerned with measuring instruments and measurements. The book is a dependable source of data for students wanting to dig deeper into electrical principles.In the two branch parallel circuit containing resistance R and inductance L shown in Fig 1(a), the current flowing in the ... V by an angle lying between 0Ad and 90Ad ( depending on the values of IR and I, ), shown as angle p in the phasor diagram.

Title:Electrical Principles 3 Checkbook
Author:J O Bird, A J C May
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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