Electromagnetic Devices for Motion Control and Signal Processing

Electromagnetic Devices for Motion Control and Signal Processing

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This book is dedicated to electrical and mechanical engineers involved with the design of magnetic devices for motion con trol and other instrumentation that uses magnetic principles and technology. It can be of benefit to graduate and postgrad uate students to gain experience with electro-magnetic princi ples and also with different aspects of magnetic coupling mech anisms and magnetic circuitry analysis for the design of devices such as electrical servo motors, tachogenerators, encoders, gyro magnetic suspension systems, electro-magnetic strip lines, and other electro-magnetic instruments. The rapidly growing areas of production automation, robotics, precise micro-electronics, and pilot navigation place demands on motion control technology in terms of accuracy, reliability, cost effectiveness, and miniaturization. New ferromagnetic materials having quasi-linear and non-linear high-squareness characteris tics as well as high-energy permanent magnets, fine lithography, and high-t.emperature superconductivit.y (t.o be expected com mercially) motivate the implementation of new motion control components that exploit these new materials and technologies. This book presents classical miniature electrical machine de signs as well as several modifications in the geometry of mag netic couplings which lead to new motor and encoder design methodologies and other motion control devices such as new coil deposition patterns for incremental and absolute encoders, free spherical gyro suspension in a traveling magnetic field for navigation instrumentation, and magnetic strip lines in combi nation with resistive and capacitive media to generate a variety of low-noise LC filters and other signal processing devices.Figure 4.1c shows a conceptual diagram of a similar closed-loop block diagram for a phase switch synchronic motor (SM). In this circuit a phase switch block ( PSB) is controlled by a computer to perform a given motion; local feedback controlanbsp;...

Title:Electromagnetic Devices for Motion Control and Signal Processing
Author:Yuly M. Pulyer
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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