Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements

Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements

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This book offers a complete treatment of both digital and analog instruments; their operation, application, and limitations. Measurement methods and measurement precision are also covered. Commencing with the explanations of units, dimensions, and standards, the text treats measurement errors, then covers electromechanical instruments in one chapter and analog electronics VOMs in another. A single chapter is devoted to the explanation of digital instruments basics and another to digital voltmeters and frequency meters. Instrument calibration is also explained, and methods of measuring resistance, inductance, and capacitance are covered in detail. The operation and application of oscilloscopes, both analog and digital, is comprehensively treated, as are a wide variety of laboratory-type electronic instruments.Derive equations for converting a series RC circuit into its equivalent parallel circuit. Sketch RL series and parallel equivalent ... Sketch the circuit diagram of a series-resistance capacitance bridge. Derive the equations for the measuredanbsp;...

Title:Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements
Author:David A. Bell
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2006-06-22


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