Electronics for Technicians

Electronics for Technicians

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Electronics for Technicians covers the basic fundamentals of electronics, including the operation of devices and circuits. The book is meant to help the technician to obtain numerical answers to actual circuit problems. This volume consists of seven chapters, the first of which introduces the reader to the basic rules for circuits containing resistive and reactive elements. Charge and discharge of a capacitor through a resistor is discussed, along with charge and discharge of an inductance through a resistance, application of sinusoidal voltages to simple networks, and series and parallel LCR circuits. The chapters that follow focus on the simple construction and operation of vacuum and semiconductor rectifier devices capable of amplifying alternating signals, uses of transistors and valves in amplifier circuits, and power supplies. Negative and positive feedback is also considered, with particular emphasis on circuit descriptions of the more common oscillator types that produce or do not produce sinusoidal waves. The book concludes with a chapter on laboratory test equipment such as cathode-ray oscilloscopes, alternating current electronic voltmeters, low-frequency signal generators, and Q-meters. This book is written specifically for technicians in the electrical engineering industry.This book is written specifically for technicians in the electrical engineering industry.

Title:Electronics for Technicians
Author:P. W. Crane
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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