Electronics Made Simple

Electronics Made Simple

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Electronics: Made Simple covers the fundamental principles, basic devices, characteristics, and application of electronic equipment. This book is divided into 15 chapters and begins with reviews of the properties and behavior of resistors, capacitors, inductors, and semiconductor devices. Considerable chapters deal with how these devices can be assembled into useful fundamental circuits such as amplifiers, oscillators and power supplies. These topics are followed by discussions of the importance of integrated circuits and the use of digital equipment and photocells in control and computing apparatus. The remaining chapters are devoted to electronic systems of general interest such as radio, television and high fidelity sound reproduction. These chapters also present 10 projects based on simple and useful circuits given for those who wish to use their knowledge to produce practical results. This book will be of great value to electronics and design engineers, technicians, experimenters, and researchers.In order to avoid distortion and ensure satisfactory transistor operation, bias circuits must be used. Variations of base ... Where more gain is required than can be obtained using a single stage, several stages are connected in cascade to form a multistage amplifier. ... Design an audio amplifier having the circuit of Fig. 40(c).

Title:Electronics Made Simple
Author:George H. Olsen
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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