Elementary School Mathematics

Elementary School Mathematics

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Elementary School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally, Second Edition, provides detailed, comprehensive coverage of the teaching of mathematics in grades K-8. Firmly grounded in the NCTM Standards, the text develops a constructivist/developmental approach to learning mathematics that focuses on the nature of mathematical concepts and the manner in which children construct mathematical ideas. It aims to help teachers reconceptualize mathematics as a problem-solving endeavor not as a mastery of rules and procedures. An accessible synthesis of viewpoints and current research, this highly praised text includes topics ranging from the development of basic fact mastery to the important development of qnumber senseq--All the while encouraging teachers to consider the construction of mathematics from the child's perspective. In-depth treatment of curriculum content teaching, combined with hundreds of teaching activities aimed at conceptual development, makes Elementary School Mathematics a practical teacher's resource as well as a college text. Elementary School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally, Second Edition, features: greater emphasis on the NCTM Curriculum Standards and the Professional Teaching Standards as the leading forces in mathematics education; a new chapter on mathematics as a qscience of pattern and orderq; a completely rewritten chapter on alternative assessment; expanded and improved problem-solving examples; enhanced coverage of grades 7 and 8; even more black-line masters with directions for making other useful materials; and an Instructor's Manual with instructional suggestions, activities for group homework, practicum ideas, and essay questions.While the forward sequence is relatively familiar to most young children, counting on and counting back are difficult skills for ... Many useful games exist in which children count a set and then make another set of the same amount. Usually a die is rolled or a card drawn that shows a set of objects. The player then counts the corresponding number of counters or moves a marker around a track on a board.

Title:Elementary School Mathematics
Author:John A. Van de Walle
Publisher:Longman Publishing Group - 1994


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