Eleven Voices

Eleven Voices

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Writing has been part of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at San Francisco State University since its beginning; people expressing the lives theya€™ve led or might have led; or saving fragments of history in danger of vanishing forever if they dona€™t get it written down. The dream was a community of writers. Courses were offered in many genres: fantasy fiction, poetry, writing while walking neighborhoods, performing monologues. Four years ago, continuing students asked for a convening of writers to share their work with a captive audience of other writers. They wanted someone to take the responsibility of keeping them together, guiding them as needed, monitoring the time. Susan Hoffman, the Institutea€™s original director in San Francisco, became the workshopa€™s facilitator: partly as a fellow writer, often lapsed, but one who had written a little bit of several genres and who wanted to give them what they said they needed. Joan Holden and Laurence Howard, who later shared the roles of facilitators, provided a radically different, but equally valuable perspective. Susan adds: I see these writersa€™ work as defining eras---past, present and future. The stories express the past with intimacy. The present is integrating onea€™s life into a whole narrative. And the challenge and possibility for the future is learning from our own historical moment, as the first time in mana€™s history when there are more people over 60 alive today than have existed ever.The Kawasaki vehicles came with operation manuals, receipts and all sorts of safety brochures. The three-wheelers simply had a written receipt stating a€œ3 small ATVa#39;sa€ and the stated price of $200 per vehicle. Laura had a home office.

Title:Eleven Voices
Author:Afitap Boz; Marianne Crawford; Charles
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-02-18


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