Elite MBA Programs at Public Universities

Elite MBA Programs at Public Universities

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Business education programs should practice what they preach: applying the principles of strategic analysis to play to their strengths and develop distinctive offerings that attract the most profitable qcustomersq--in this case, students, faculty, and the communities and institutions that support them financially. With the costs of private MBA programs skyrocketing, public universities--which operate out of the spotlight of the Harvards and Whartons--have a tremendous opportunity to distinguish themselves as centers of innovative, high-quality education. Mimi Wolverton and Larry Penley conducted extensive research to identify the qualities of those public institutions across the country--from the University of Washington to Georgia Tech--that have successfully established competitive advantages, generally through a combination of cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. The book features 12 in-depth case studies, written by senior representatives from the respective schools. They offer unique insights into the strategies they employed--from developing strategic alliances with local businesses and complementary departments to establishing online and overseas courses. The result is a fascinating peek behind the scenes at the most innovative MBA programs, as well as a rich canvas for observing the principles of strategic management in action.Seven key areas capture the essence of Warrington: faculty research, PhD programs, MBA programs, external MBA programs, ... graduate education and attracting the best graduate students in both research-oriented and professional programs. ... hosted by the College: Journal of Accounting Literature, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Marketing Science Journal, and Southern Economics Journal.

Title:Elite MBA Programs at Public Universities
Author:Mimi Wolverton, Larry E. Penley
Publisher:Greenwood Publishing Group - 2004-01-01


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