Embryology, Epigenesis and Evolution

Embryology, Epigenesis and Evolution

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Historically, philosophers of biology have tended to sidestep the problem of development by focusing primarily on evolutionary biology and, more recently, on molecular biology and genetics. Quite often too, development has been misunderstood as simply, or even primarily, a matter of gene activation and regulation. Nowadays a growing number of philosophers of science are focusing their analyses on the complexities of development, and in Embryology, Epigenesis and Evolution Jason Scott Robert explores the nature of development against current trends in biological theory and practice and looks at the interrelations between development and evolution (evo-devo), an area of resurgent biological interest. Clearly written, this book should be of interest to students and professionals in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of biology.... the gene is a packet of information, not an objecta#39; (Williams 1992: 11). This immaterial information, coded in the medium of DNA, specifies the adult structure of an organism. Similarly, John Maynard Smith describes developmental biology asanbsp;...

Title:Embryology, Epigenesis and Evolution
Author:Jason Scott Robert
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2004-03-04


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