Emerging Memories

Emerging Memories

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Emerging Memories: Technologies and Trends attempts to provide background and a description of the basic technology, function and properties of emerging as well as discussing potentially suitable applications. This book explores a range of new memory products and technologies. The concept for some of these memories has been around for years. A few completely new. Some involve materials that have been in volume production in other type of devices for some time. Ferro-electrics, for example, have been used in capacitors for more than 30 years. In addition to looking at using known devices and materials in novel ways, there are new technologies being investigated such as DNA memories, light memories, molecular memories, and carbon nanotube memories, as well as the new polymer memories which hold the potential for the significant manufacturing reduction. Emerging Memories: Technologies and Trends is a useful reference for the professional engineer in the semiconductor industry.This W. simulated for a 3V power supply, 1 T1C cell structure using a dummy referen cellsA³5]. Samsung found that the amount of imprint was closely related to th composition of the PZT film used with Ti rich PZT having significant improved imprint properties after integration ofthe ferroelectric ... If the test for weak cells is done during manufacturing the defecti cells can be removed by normal laser repair.

Title:Emerging Memories
Author:Betty Prince
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-05-08


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