Emerging Theory and Practice in Neuroprosthetics

Emerging Theory and Practice in Neuroprosthetics

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Neuroprosthetics is a fast-growing area that brings together the fields of biomedical engineering and neuroscience as a means to interface the neural system directly to prostheses. Advancing research and applications in this field can assist in successfully restoring motor, sensory, and cognitive functions. Emerging Theory and Practice in Neuroprosthetics brings together the most up-to-date research surrounding neuroprosthetics advances and applications. Presenting several new results, concepts, and further developments in the area of neuroprosthetics, this book is an essential publication for researchers, upper-level students, engineers, and medical practitioners.For example the ARMin II is a robot developed for arm therapy, applicable to the training of activities of daily living. It has a semi-exoskeletal structure with seven active DOF, five adjustable segments to fit different body sizes, and position and force sensors (Staubli et al., 2009). ... forearm and wrist flexion/extension (e.g. i- Limb Ultra hand), whereas old terminal devices require manual wrist positioning.

Title:Emerging Theory and Practice in Neuroprosthetics
Author:Naik, Ganesh R.
Publisher:IGI Global - 2014-05-31


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