Emigrating from China to the United States

Emigrating from China to the United States

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Sharing her experiences of living in both China and the United States, the author describes how life events have influenced and impacted her social values, attitudes, behaviors, and further discusses how she continues to be resocialized by both American and Chinese societies. She focuses on the connection of those experiences to helping students see a world beyond the borders of the United States. The text presents sociological concepts and theories and lays a foundation on the subject of globalization and offers a comprehensive perspective by which to view other societies. Major topics presented include research methods, including data collection and setting up research projects; a comparison of Chinese and American cultures; new immigrant resocialization; social interactions from society to society; the relative and universal nature of deviance; comparison and evaluation of U.S. and Chinese social stratification; racial group issues; comparison of U.S. and Chinese sex and gender behaviors; different approaches to the importance of family in cultures; the influence of Confucius versus Christianity; population issues, including family planning and abortion; and urbanization and its effect on social change. The book is especially important in the study of history of immigration, world cultures, current American immigration, and the socialization and assimilation by the dominant culture in a society. It serves as an excellent supplementary text for the general study of sociology and social sciences at all levels.Due to the reason that I still remembered what that previous TV repair person told me about the LCD TV, I started to watch my standard TV. My ideas about LCD have recently changed after speaking to a salesperson in an electronics store.

Title:Emigrating from China to the United States
Author:Yushi (Boni) Li
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2010


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