Emily Gets Her Gun

Emily Gets Her Gun

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In the wake of tragic shootings in Newtown and Aurora, the anti-gun lobby has launched a campaign of lies, distortion, misrepresentation, and emotional manipulation that is breathtaking in its vitriol and its denial of basic facts. Their goal is to take away our Second Amendment rights and then disarm law-abiding Americans. Emily Miller tells her personal story of how being a single, female victim of a home invasion drove her to try to obtain a legally registered gun in Washington, D.C. The narrativea€”sometimes shocking, other times hilarious in its absurditya€”gives the reader a real life understanding of how gun-control laws only make it more difficult for honest, law-abiding people to get guns, while violent crime continues to rise. Using facts and newly uncovered research, Miller exposes the schemes politicians on Capitol Hill, in the White House, and around the country are using to deny people their Second Amendment rights. She exposes the myths that gun grabbers and liberal media use to get new laws passed that infringe on our right to keep and bear arms. The gun rights debate isna€™t just about firearms. Ita€™s about protecting a fundamental right that is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Ita€™s about politicians who lie, manipulate, and outright break existing laws to get what they want. Ita€™s about President Obama wanting a bigger federal government to control you. Not just your gunsa€”you. The fight for gun rights is the fight for freedom. Emily Miller says stand up and fight back now because your Second Amendment will only be the first to go.His hobby is build- ing and working on 1911 models, so he also had spare parts, including a frame, barrel, and upper receiver. After the stop at Walter Reed for a doctora#39;s appointment, Lieutenant Kim got lost driving his two-door Honda Civic in anbsp;...

Title:Emily Gets Her Gun
Author:Emily Miller
Publisher:Regnery Publishing - 2013-09-03


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