Enchanted Immortals 3

Enchanted Immortals 3

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What was once a simple life has turned into a very long life for vampyre Pascal Theroux. The initial loneliness, along with the obsession of not being able to walk in the sun, begins to consume him. When he and his mate, Angel, finally resign themselves to the fact that they will forever be confined by the night, they figure out a way to create a clan of sun-resistant vampires to do their dirty work for them. But is Angel really on his side anymore? As Malina and Thomas prepare for their wedding, and Kathryn and Jonathan begin to explore the possibility of becoming serious again, a new agent from the BSI shows up and delivers some disturbing news about the Portland Vampire Clan. While the Immortals, including newbie Dr. Tyler James, learn to hone in new skills and perfect their old ones, they also prepare for the trial of Seth and Malachi, who are imprisoned on the Island. The news the shapeshifters deliver during their trial, though, has the power to alter the history books. Keywords: urban fantasy, gothic, romance, vampire, romance ebook, fantasy book, dark fantasy, werewolf, shape shifter, shifter book, paranormal, vampire, serial, quick read, romance books, paranormal deal, romance book, romance novel, fantasy, paranormal, teen, young adult, vampire love story, vampires, werewolves, witches, dark fantasy, supernatural, supernatural cops, X-files, books about vampires, books about shifters, young adult, San Francisco, Portland Oregon, fairy, faerie, fae, books about magic, books about secret government agency, conspiracy theory... Tender Love a€“ Force M.D.a#39;s A Thousand Years a€“ Christina Perri Talking to the Moon a€“ Bruno Mars OTHER BOOKS BY C.J. PINARD: Enchanted Immortals ( Book #1) Enchanted Immortals 2: The Vortex Enchanted Immortals 3: The Vampyreanbsp;...

Title:Enchanted Immortals 3
Author:C.J. Pinard
Publisher:C.J. Pinard - 2013-03-07


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