Energy Research at the Cutting Edge

Energy Research at the Cutting Edge

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Energy fuels modern society, though it is often taken for granted. The issues surrounding energy supply of paramount importance to governments the world over. While calls for 'clean' energy technologies are rampant and loud, conventional sources like coal and oil remain the most feasible. However, research continues to plough ahead to find better and more efficient ways to keep the demand for energy met. Nuclear power is a perennially controversial but enticing possibility, although many nations seek to phase-out nuclear power, citing safety and environmental concerns. The energy industry and production is a major economic component in any country, so all energy and electricity issues hold sway over us all. This book brings together an important selection of studies focusing on the energy industry, its current state and future. Included are looks at nuclear power and economic policies to influence the electric industry. This current research combines for a needed resource in the study of energy.A survey of the trade and environment nexus: global dimensions, OECD Economic Studies 23, 167-192. ... GAMS: A Usera#39;s Guide, The Scientific Press, South San Francisco. ... a multi-sector, multi- region dynamic general equilibrium model for quantifying the costs of cubing CO2 emissions: a technical manual, Economics Department Working Papers, No. ... Dervis, K., De Melo, J., Robinson, S., 1982.

Title:Energy Research at the Cutting Edge
Author:John R. Blackwood
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2002-01-01


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