English for the Children

English for the Children

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Silicon Valley software entrepreneur Ron Unz took on the education establishment, both major political parties, the ACLU, and several activist groups with his qEnglish for the Childrenq movement that began in 1996 and ended on Election Day 2002. His campaign to dismantle bilingual education through ballot measures in four states - California, Arizona, Colorado, and Massachusetts - drew frequent responses from the national media that initially opposed and then supported Unz's cause. The initiatives passed with 61-68% of the vote in three states, but failed in Colorado. Experienced teacher and author of Structured English Immersion, Johanna J. Haver details the politics surrounding the Unz campaign, explaining both sides of the issues honestly and respectfully. She outlines the challenges that ensued after the measures became law and discusses areas of concern that remain in dispute to this day: Identification, placement, and reclassification of English language learners English proficiency tests Segregation versus integration Compliance versus flexibility The Office for Civil Rights Federal and state funding Dual-language instruction as an optionHe went on to explain that in the twenty-five years that he had served in making education policy, he found that the reason ... 6 Dr. Sylvia Hatton, executive director of the Region One Education Service Center, which serves thirty-seven schoolanbsp;...

Title:English for the Children
Author:Johanna Haver
Publisher:R&L Education - 2013-05-23


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