English Grammar and Verbal Reasoning

English Grammar and Verbal Reasoning

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This book covers everything from vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, sentence basics to spelling rules. Use it to improve your knowledge of written and spoken English and to ace your verbal reasoning test. It will help put your fears to rest because it is an easily digestible reference guide. KEY POINTS: a€c Personal dictionary has over 1, 000 words that you should know how to spell. a€c List of over 1, 000 four-letter words useful to resolve a€œhidden lettersa€ questions in verbal reasoning. a€c Space to personalize your learning and add more words. a€c General knowledge questions. a€c An alphabetical list of animals, countries, professions, fruits, vegetables, and games. a€c Over 700 compound words. a€c Nearly 1, 500 antonyms and synonyms. a€c Collective nouns and similes. a€c More than 1, 000 homophones. a€c List of major countries in the world and their capital cities. a€c A comprehensive list of the names of parents and children in the animal kingdom. Also included is the name of the male and female of the respective animal, where necessary. a€c A list of prefixes and suffixes, their respective meaning, and examples. a€c List of roman numerals. a€c Extra worksheets and sample planners. a€c Answers to the general knowledge questions.2011. Cambridge Essential English Dictionary: Cambridge Hands, P., Kate Wild eds. 2011. Collins Easy Learning How To Use English: HarperCollins Publishers King Graham. 2000. Collins Wordpower Vocabulary Expander: HarperCollinsanbsp;...

Title:English Grammar and Verbal Reasoning
Author:Simbo Nuga
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-01-21


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