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English-Russian commercial correspondence, containing model phrases, letters, circulars, and business documents; commercial terms and abbreviations; tables of money, weights and measures, etc., etc. EnNƒNNEoE¾-EE½E³ErEcE¹NEoEdN EoE¾E¼E¼EmN€N‡EmNEoEdN EoE¾N€N€EmNEiE¾E½EaEmE½N†EcN, NE¾EaEmN€EpEdN‰EdN E¾EpN€EdEmN†N‹ N„N€EdEm, EiEcNEmE¼, N†EcN€EoNƒErNN€E¾E² Ec EaEmErE¾E²N‹N… EpNƒE¼EdE³. EšE¾E¼E¼EmN€N‡EmNEoEcEm E¾EpE¾N€E¾N‚N‹ Ec NE¾EoN€EdN‰EmE½EcN; N‚EdEpErEcN†N‹ E¼E¾E½EmN‚, E²EmNEd Ec E¼EmN€ Ec N‚.Ea.Cloth a€œAn extremely useful and most reliable guide to proficiency in French and English commercial correspondence ; can be ... Fa#39;cap. $70., 160 pp, cloth a€œ Containing Nursery Rhymes and short, easy pieces, selected with the greatest care, and adapted for the youngest children. ... MARLBOROUGHa#39;S Travellersa#39; Practical Manual of Conversation, N0. ... Photography, Cycling, Motoring, do, aamp;c., Tables of Money, Weights and Measures, Dictionary of Words in daily use in four languages.

Author:William Chevob-Maurice, S. G. Stafford
Publisher:Рипол Классик -


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