English/Spanish Crossover Diccionario

English/Spanish Crossover Diccionario

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The English/Spanish Crossover Diccionario is a collection of 15, 000 cognates with minidefinitions. The dictionary is designed to enhance the ability to communicate in English and Spanish. An essential vocabulary to communicate is finite and selective. The dictionary includes 1, 400 sign language words and 825 Latin prefix/root/suffix definitions. Around 550 common Spanish words and 325 American abbreviations are identified. The English/Spanish Crossover Spelling Code guides the reader to quick recognition of cognate variations in spelling. The two languages share the same alphabet, parts of speech, and Latin ancestry. English and Spanish cognates are visually recognizable and, with vocal practice, identifiable phonetically. Specialized Vocabulary Lists are included with the dictionary. The top 600 English/Spanish cognates are listed. Sign language, math, and science\medical lists are included. Numbers, common household terms, food terms, automobile words, computer words, common phrases, and safety signs are listed. A lesson plan for the English/Spanish cognate relationship is provided. Study the cognates of English and Spanish. You will learn to read the front page of Hoy or Times. Your ability to read exams, employment applications, military information, legal documents, and business advertisements will improve. The English/Spanish Crossover Diccionario is an excellent travel companion.... n legitimacion to make lawful lego-lect (l-root) lego-lect read/choose (lectern) legume n legumbre dicotyledonous herbs, ... n lesbian woman sexually orientated to women lesion a lesion injury/hurt less (Old Englisha€”suf) less without (witless) ... inferior * lesson n leccion instruction/lecture let (Old English- suf) let small (ringlet) * let vt permitir allow lethal adj letal ... book of Old Testament levo (lECga€”pre) levo leftside (levogyrate) lewd aaj lascivo wanton lex -legis (la€”root) lex-legis lawanbsp;...

Title:English/Spanish Crossover Diccionario
Author:R.G. Chur
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-04-12


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