Enjoying Frugal Luxuries

Enjoying Frugal Luxuries

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ENJOYING FRUGAL LUXURIES Today with an overload of media hype in the form of TV, books and magazines, it is easy to be confused by such a wide range of choices. Madison Avenue has spent millions of dollars telling us how to dress, decorate, and entertain. Their refrain is always the same. Bigger, faster, newer is always better. We are all told to trade in, trade up. As a result we lose confidence in ourselves and in our ability to make realistic choices. The constant emphasis on money and acquisition leaves us with a sense of insecurity and a loss of our authentic self. Instead we need to focus on what truly pleases us instead of what we are told we should want. Enjoying Frugal Luxuries is about how to be pleased with much of what you already own, which does not mean making do, but instead making better. With a little care and special attention, many things can be transformed into something new and lovely. This is a lifestyle book for women like me who want to simplify their lives and live with their own personal style. The book is organized as a journey through the year, beginning in January and ending in December. But whenever you receive this book just sit back and enjoy it. Do go back and read the January chapter because this begins your journey by creating a special place for you, a retreat from the world in which to read, write, sew, paint, to contemplate and create. I believe this is something that every woman needs and should have. In this chapter you will also learn how to schedule some time for yourself beginning by choosing a weekly planner to organize your time and your life. Every month you will find: SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF: This section provides ideas for growth that are just for you. Here you will learn to reduce stress and enjoy more pleasure every day. ORGANIZATION: This will provide more bliss for you by inexpensively creating a home that is rid of clutter and help you conquer the paper demon. It will provide you with a kitchen that works for you, closets that go from messy to manageable, and organize each room of your home for ease living. YOUR ROOMS: Here you will learn inexpensive ways to decorate every room in your home. You will be incorporating your own style to make a very personal and inviting place to return to every day. Remember! What you love will never go out of style. CELEBRATIONS: Life is full of celebrations and milestones of our lives. Here you will also find ideas for celebrating holidays at home. GATHERINGS: Here you will find ideas for entertaining friends and family alike. Most of these ideas will be seasonal, so sit back and plan some fun with your friends and family. These recipes will not be expensive to make, but delicious to serve. Both the Celebrations and Gatherings will be examples of frugal entertaining. OUTSIDE INTERESTS: This section is about your outdoor environment, your garden, porch, patio or deck. I believe that decorating has much to learn from gardening. You plan a lot, prune a lot, plant a lot, withdraw some, but in the end both your home and outdoor environment will reflect you sense of style. AGENDA: Regardless of whether you live in a small home, apartment, or a grand home, your home is your castle and castle upkeep takes a lot of work! In this section you will get some ideas on doing the work efficiently and also delegating to get the work done.WHAT IF: Starting at the top of your closet, lets say you dona#39;t have enough shelf space to store all your hats. You can hang them ... If you plan to install built-in wooden shelves, make them adjustable, with a peg in hole design. GOOD CLOSETanbsp;...

Title:Enjoying Frugal Luxuries
Author:Carole Stern
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2005-08-30


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