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David is a Chartered Surveyor who was born, raised and still lives on The North Wales Coast. He is married to Dawn and has two grown up children. For many years David has been a Governor at a local Primary School and always enjoys his interaction with the children. David is an active member of a local Church which he has attended since being a teenager and where now he is an Elder and Lay Preacher. For years David ran the teenagers Bible Class and thrived on the awkward and searching questions young people ask. From these lively discussions developed some of the ideas that lit the spark for 'Enochim'. ENOCHIM Anna and Jamie were soon to celebrate their twelfth birthday and looked forward to getting the usual presents. However, the early birthday present they received was to be attacked in their own home by two mysterious strangers which left them distraught and their mum fighting for her life. Little did the twins know that this tragedy was the start of an adventure which would lead them to discover their heritage as Enochim and take them on a journey to The Crystal Sea and beyond to The Third Dimension. On their road to discovery, the twins would meet other Enochim and beings not of our world, many who were to help them but others who were out to do them harm. The road they were now travelling would teach them many new and old truths and would lead them to witness the greatest battle the universe and history had ever seen. But as well as these universal truths, Jamie and Anna would also discover the truth about their dead grandfather and 'the wolf' he had to battle. The story of Jamie and Anna is the story of The Enochim and even now, 'The half has not yet been told'.a#39;Leta#39;s see how fast we can get to school. ... The girls followed Philips lead, soon were up with him and before they knew it they were galloping across the park. ... a#39;I dona#39;t suppose youa#39;ve got a Mazda RX8 in a stable somewhere have you?a#39; a#39;Noanbsp;...

Author:David Kendal Jones
Publisher:Author House - 2014-09-29


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