Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurial Marketing

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How do you sell a totally new kind of product to a market that does not yet exist? Entrepreneurial businesses often create products and services based on radically new technology that has the power to change the marketplace. This means that existing market research will have produced data about market categories and structures that are largely irrelevant to the entrepreneur. This complicates the sales and marketing functions for new products that may be hard for the market to understand in the first place. Entrepreneurial Marketing focuses on this special challenge: new marketing methods for new products. Classic core marketing concepts, such as segmentation, positioning, and the marketing mix undergo an qextreme makeoverq in the context of innovative products hitting the market. The author stresses effectuation, iterative thinking, principles of affordable loss, adjustment for emerging opportunities, and cooperation with first customers. This new textbook provides students of entrepreneurial marketing with everything they need to know to succeed in their classes as well as practical tools and techniques that will be useful after the exams have finished.An Effectual Approach Ed Nijssen ... Because radical new products affect existing product categorisations, existing market data often do not apply, so that the business plans that get ... Effectuation relies on the principle of a€œaffordable loss, a€ meaning that marketing and other expenditures are limited, enabling the entrepreneuranbsp;...

Title:Entrepreneurial Marketing
Author:Ed Nijssen
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-04-29


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