Environmental Physics

Environmental Physics

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Environmental Physics is a comprehensive introduction to the physical concepts underlying environmental science. The importance and relevance of physics is emphasised by its application to real environmental problems with a wide range of case studies. Applications included cover energy use and production, global climate, the physics of living things, radioactivity, environmental remote sensing, noise pollution and the physics of the Earth. The book makes the subject accessible to those with little physics background, keeping mathematical treatment straightforward. The text is lively and informative, and is supplemented by numerous illustrations, photos, tables of useful data, and a glossary of key terms.Anspaugh, L.R., Catlin R.J. and Goldman, M. (1988) a#39;The global impact of the Chernobyl reactor accidenta#39;. ... Bennet M.R. and Doyle, P. (1997) Environmental Geology: Geology and the Human Environment. ... Boyle, G. (ed.) (1996) Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future. Oxford University Press/The Open University, ... Campbell, G.S. (1977) An Introduction to Environmental Biophysics.

Title:Environmental Physics
Author:Clare Smith
Publisher:Routledge - 2004-08-02


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