Environmental Pollution and Control

Environmental Pollution and Control

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Environmental Pollution and Control, Third Edition focuses on the aspects of environmental engineering science and technology, including water pollution, wastewater, sludge treatment, and water pollution legislation. The book first elaborates on environmental and water pollution and measurement of water quality. Discussions focus on chemical oxygen demand, bacteriological measurements, heavy metals, effect of pollution on streams, lakes, and oceans, biodegradation, population responses, and exposure and latency. The publication also takes a look at water supply and water treatment, including disinfection, filtration, settling, coagulation and flocculation, water transmission, and groundwater and surface water supplies. The manuscript examines the collection and treatment of wastewater, sludge treatment and disposal, and nonpoint source water pollution. Topics include control technologies applicable to nonpoint source pollution, sources of sludge, ultimate disposal, onsite wastewater disposal, central wastewater treatment, and tertiary treatment. The text also elaborates on water pollution law, solid wastes, resource recovery, and hazardous wastes. The publication is a valuable reference for environmental pollution experts and readers interested in environmental pollution and control.... G, A, B, C, Sound level (SL) is measured with a sound level meter, consisting of a microphone, amplifier, a frequency weighing circuit (filters) and an output scale. Figure 23a€“2 is a schematic diagram of a typical hand-held sound level meter.

Title:Environmental Pollution and Control
Author:P Aarne Vesilind, J. Jeffrey Peirce, Ruth F. Weiner
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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