Epicyclic Drive Trains

Epicyclic Drive Trains

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This first English-language edition is a completely revised and expanded version of Die Umlaufgetriebe, published by the Springer-Verlag in 1971. It will be extremely useful to American engineers since it stresses the efficiencies of new and existing transmission designs and provides concise guide rules as well as worksheets. A thorough understanding of the sometimes difficult material is facilitated through the use of both schematic and symbolic diagrams. The book is profusely illustrated and analyzes many applications. These drives receive an unusually clear treatment because at Dr. MA¼llera€™s discovery of their perfect analogy to the simple epicyclic drive trains. Unified methods of analysis and synthesis of complex drives are employed throughout, suggesting that further simplifications may be possible through the use of a multivalued logic system which is analogous to the bivalent logic system of digital electronics. This book presents a clear and concise description of a multitude of revolving gear trains in terms common to all, whereas previous publications have been limited to treatment on interesting subproblems. Its well-reasoned definitions and classifications will aid engineers in the selection and design of the best drives for any given application.Therefore, for a given speed, this additional constraint leads to an infinite number of geometrically similar ... 45 and worksheets 1 or 2 can be used to simplify this procedure. f) Kutzbach Diagram for Compound Planetary Transmissions Compound transmissions which are ... change of the coupling conditions between the transmission stages. Section 18. Speed-Ratio Graphs The use of speed-ratio graphsanbsp;...

Title:Epicyclic Drive Trains
Author:Herbert W. Müller
Publisher:Wayne State University Press - 1982


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