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A postmodern romp through the rain forest, Equatoria is both travelogue and cultural critique. On the right-hand pages, the Prices chronicle their 1990 artifact-collecting expedition up the rivers of French Guiana, and on the left, stage an accompanying sideshow that enlists the help of Jonathan Swift, Joseph Conrad, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Alex Haley, James Clifford, Eric Hobsbawn, Germaine Greer, and even the noted anthropologist James Goodfellow. Charged with acquiring objects for a new museum, the Prices kept a log of their day-to-day adventures and misadventures, constantly confronting their ambivalence about the act of collecting, the very possibility of exhibiting cultures and the future of anthropology. Probing the nature of museums, collecting, and power relations between qusq and qthem, q the Prices raise many troubling questions.Other Ndjuka women use garden rates to clean debris from under their houses- on-stilts. not far from the watera#39;s edge. ... So, at 7:15, off to the store that sells outboard motors, following information from three people that (a) it opened at 7: 00, (b) it opened ... Return to Store #1 and, with uncharacteristic good luck, we find the owner just pulling up in his car. Discussion. Evinrude now owns Johnson, or vice-anbsp;...

Author:Richard Price, Sally Price
Publisher:Psychology Press - 1994


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