Eranos Yearbook 70: 2009/2010-2011

Eranos Yearbook 70: 2009/2010-2011

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The 70th volume of the Eranos Yearbooks presents the work of the last three years of activities at the Eranos Foundation (2009a€“2011). It includes the papers given on the theme of the 2011 conference, About Fragility in the Contemporary World, together with talks given on the occasion of the seminar cycle entitled, Eranos Jung Lectures, which took place during the years 2010a€“2011 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Carl Gustav Junga€™s passing. Eminent international scholars gathered to share their work, presented here primarily in English, along with some chapters in Italian. This publication carries additional special meaning in further consolidating the collaboration with the Fetzer Institute by presenting the manuscripts of the Dialogues on the Power of Love, held at Eranos between 2008 and 2011. This project follows the path of the original model of Eranos, especially the aspect of dialogue, searching for understanding and deepening crucial themes in the contemporary world. Contents: 2011 Eranos Conference: About Fragility in the Contemporary World 2008a€“2011 Fetzer Institute Dialogues at Eranos a€“ The Power of Love: - Love in the Esoteric Traditions - Love in the History of Eranos - Love and Beauty in the Visual Arts - Love and the Social Bond - Love and the Musical Arts 2010a€“2011 Eranos-Jung Lectures The Greek word a€˜Eranosa€™ means a a€˜banqueta€™, to which every guest contributes. From 1933 onwards, the Eranos Conferences took shape in Ascona-Moscia (Switzerland), springing from the idea of Olga FrApbe-Kapteyn to create a a€˜Meeting Place of East and Westa€™. Under the influence of the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and other prominent leaders of that era, the Eranos Conferences found their way towards symbolical, archetypal, and mythological motifs. The Eranos gathering is symbolized by its famous Round Table, the image and meaning of which inspired many of the leading thinkers of the 20th century. For more than 70 years, depth psychologists, philosophers, theologians, orientalists, historians of religions as well as natural scientists find at Eranos a unique place where they could meet and exchange views. The rich collection of Eranos Yearbooks bears testimony to an immense and original work accomplished in various fields of learning.... reflections on the intertwined themes of creation, responsibility, dialogue, and divine life, especially in Jewish thought. ... The dialogue of August 2010 explored the fundamental issue of the connection between love and elementary socialanbsp;...

Title:Eranos Yearbook 70: 2009/2010-2011
Author:Eranos Foundation
Publisher:Daimon -


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