Erosion and sediment transport monitoring programmes in river basins

Erosion and sediment transport monitoring programmes in river basins

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Development of measurement techniques; Suspended load and bed load transport in mountain streams determined by different methods; Bed sediment characterization in river engineering problems; Direct measurement of in-channel abrasion processes; Measuring changes in micro and macro roughness on mobile gravel beds; Using COSSY (CObble Satellite SYstem) for measuring the effects of lift and drag forces; The impact of particle size controls on stream turbidity measurements: some implications for suspended sediment yield estimation; Application of sandwave measurements in calculating bel load discharge; Turbidimeter measurementsin a tropical river, Costa Rica; Recording bedload discharge in a semiarid channel, Nahal Yatir, Israel; Determining event bedload volumes for evaluation of potential degradation sites due to gravel extraction, N.S.W., Australia Jonathan; River bank erosion events on the Upper Severn detected by the photoelectronic erosion pin (PEEP) system; A study of field methods for measuring sediment discharge; Quantification of soil detachment by raindrop impact: performance of classical formulae of kinetic energy in Mediterranean storms; Tracing the source of recent sediment using environmental magnetism and radionuclidesin the karst of the Jenolan Caves, Australia; A new acoustic sensor for sediment dishcarge measurement; The use Of caesium-137 measurements in soil erosion surveys; Use of radiometric fingerprints to derive information on suspended sediment sources; Separate in-situ entrapment of sand and silt in river systems; Measuring techniques of bed load in de Yangtze River; Sampling strategies; Monitoring grain size of suspended sediments in rivers; Reliability and representativeness of a suspended sediment concentration monitoring programme for a remote alpine proglacial river; Monitoring sediment load from erosion events; The use of automatically collected point samples to estimate suspended sediment and associated trace element concentrations for determining annual mass transport; Calculating the suspended sediment load of the Dez River; Towards the design of a strategy for sampling suspended sediments in small headwater catchments; Temporal variability of suspended sediment flux from a subarctic glacial river, southern Iceland; Stream suspended sediment transport monitoring - why, how and what is being measured? Critical reflections on long term sediment monitoring programmes demonstrated on the Australian Danube; A sampling strategy for an investigation on particle associated contaminants; Monitoring of suspended sediment concentration in discharge from regulated lakes in glacial deposits; Some sampling considerations in the design of effective strategies for monitoring sediment-associated transport; A comparison of methods used to measure suspended sediment in Canada's federal monitoring programs; Monitoring networks and programmes; Erosion and sediment transport in South America: monitoring programmes and strategies; River morphology, sediments and fish habitats; Environmental studies in Western Europe using overbank sediment; Problems of monitoring erosion and sediment yields in southern Africa; Network evaluation and planning: Canada's sediment monitoring program; Planning sediment monitoring programs using a watershed model; Refining a tributary monitoring program for the Great Lakes basin; River reach characterization: a survey strategy for river regime and environmental Monitoring and analysis; The design and operation of sediment transport measurement programmes in river basins: the Chinese experience; Environmental quality: changing times for sediment programs; A sediment monitoring program for North America; The Vigil Network - long-term monitoring to assess landscape changes; Multipurpose studies of erosion and sedimentation in the Upper Ob basin; The Swedish network of sediment transport; Case studies; Sediment delivery in large prairie river basins, western Canada; Hydrological and sediment dynamics network design in a Mediterranean mountainous area subject to gylly erosion; Assessment of catchment erosion in the southern Pennines, United Kingdom, using reservoir sedimentation monitoring; Spatial and temporal variations in erosion and sediment yield; Assessment of the impact of farmland erosion on sediment quality: the Saskatchewan river basin, western Canada; Suspended sediment dynamics of a riverine lake of the St. Lawrence River, Canada; A programme of monitoring sediment transport in north central Luzon, the Philippines; Channel erosion and erosion monitoring along the Rhine River; Monitoring radionuclide and suspended-sediment transport in the Little Colorado River basin, Arizona and New Mexico, USA; Erosion and sediment transport in Papua New Guinea. Network design and monitoring. Case study: Ok Tedi Coppermine; The new sediment yield map for southern Africa.Network design and monitoring. Case study: Ok Tedi Coppermine; The new sediment yield map for southern Africa.

Title:Erosion and sediment transport monitoring programmes in river basins
Author:Jim Bogen, D. E. Walling, T. J. Day
Publisher: - 1992


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