Essays, Comments, and Reviews

Essays, Comments, and Reviews

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This generous omnium-gatherum brings together all the writings William James published that have not appeared in previous volumes of this definitive edition of his works. Miscellaneous and diverse though the pieces are, they are unified by James's style and personality, which shine through even the slightest of them. The volume includes 25 essays, 44 letters to the editor commenting on sundry topics, and 113 reviews of a wide range of works in English, French, German, and Italian. Twenty-three of the items are not recorded in any bibliography of James's writings. Two of the new discoveries are of particular interest: dating from 1865, when he was still a medical student, they are James's earliest known publications and give his first published views on Darwinian biology, which was to affect profoundly his own work in philosophy and psychology. Among his reviews are one of qUeber den psychischen Mechanismus hysterischer PhAcomene, q by Josef Breuer and Sigmund Freud, published a year after the first appearance of that historically famous essay, and showing the breadth of James's interests, reviews of George Santayana's Sense of Beauty (1897) and Bernard Berenson's Florentine Painters of the Renaissance (1896).25 The Social Value of the College-Bred (1907) Of what use is a college training ? ... A certain amount of meditation has brought me to this as the pithiest reply which I myself can give: The best claim that a college education can ... What talk do we commonly hear about the contrast between college education and the education which business or technical or ... may leave you less efficient for this or that practical task, suffuse your whole mentality with something more important than skill.

Title:Essays, Comments, and Reviews
Author:William James
Publisher:Harvard University Press - 1987


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