Essays on Indian Society

Essays on Indian Society

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Contents: Culture and Society, Our Social Dilemma, Social Life, South India, Origins of the Indian Village System, The Ideal Social Order, The Religion and Social Organisation of the Sikhs, Prospects of an Integrated Approach to Social Reality, Religion and its Impact on Indian Society, Besant on Social Reform, The Theosophical Society and its Contribution to Tamil Society in the 19th Century, Theosophy and Social Change in India, Nationalism and Social Change, Social History of Modern India: A Trend Report, New Social Patterns: Voluntary Community Action.Angad elaborated a distinctive script, Gurmukhi, based on that of the Punjab moneylenders, in which to write down Nanaka#39;s life and teaching. He also made the institution of the langar, or free kitchen, more important. Under Amar Das theanbsp;...

Title:Essays on Indian Society
Author:Raj Kumar
Publisher:Discovery Publishing House - 2003-01-01


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