Essays on the Economic Causes of Obesity

Essays on the Economic Causes of Obesity

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Chapter 2: qWorking Yourself to Death? The Relationship Between Work Hours and Obesityq. Work hours may affect obesity if reduced leisure time decreases exercise and causes substitution from meals prepared at home to fast food and pre-prepared processed food. Additional work by adults may also impact child weight by reducing parental supervision. I find that a rise in work hours increases one's weight and, to a lesser extent, the weight of one's spouse. Mothers', but not fathers', work hours affect child weight. My estimates imply that increases in labor force participation account for 6% and 10% of the growth in adult and childhood obesity in recent decades.may affect body weight in two ways. First, people may substitute from driving to walking, bicycling, or taking public transportation. Walking and bicycling are forms of exercise, which increase calories expended. If a person uses publicanbsp;...

Title:Essays on the Economic Causes of Obesity
Publisher:ProQuest - 2008


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