Essential App Engine

Essential App Engine

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The complete guide to developing and deploying fast Google App Engine cloud systems: performance-driven techniques for every Java developer * *Teaches everything Java programmers need to know to build complex, production quality applications, via a single book-length case study. *Introduces a performance-driven approach that also ensures maintability, and presents practices and principles for improving performance even more *For every Java programmer seeking a seamless path to highly-scalable cloud application development. Cloud computing fundamentally changes the way applications are created and managed. When done right, system administration becomes trivial, and concerns about adequate hardware, capacity planning, or scalability are virtually eliminated. With Google's App Engine, millions of Java developers can quickly begin to develop cost-effective systems to operate in the cloud. However, when Java developers use familiar frameworks and techniques to build these systems, they often encounter surprising, unexpected performance problems. Essential App Engine teaches a start-to-finish approach to performance-driven App Engine development with Java. Through a complete, book-length case study, Java developers master all the concepts and techniques they need, from application design through data storage, task scheduling through security. Coverage includes: * *Systematically maximizing performance without compromising maintainability -- creating applications that are 10x+ faster on cold startup, and offer quick server response throughout their sessions. *Avoiding or minimizing the use of frameworks and libraries that cause performance problems. *Improving browser performance through the proper use of HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and profiling. *Modeling data for App Engine's non-SQL data storage. *Ensuring app quality and managing development efficiently, through deployment and beyond.Building High-performance Java Apps with Google App Engine Adriaan de Jonge. Line 4 refers to an external template containing a Google Analytics script, presented later in this chapter. Lines 9 through 18 ... The maintenance dates are mostly empty. If they are set, ... On the App Engine, you cannot set up a secure shell connection and type a command like tail -f to follow a live log file.You can open ananbsp;...

Title:Essential App Engine
Author:Adriaan de Jonge
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2012


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