Essential IGenetics

Essential IGenetics

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Building on the proven strength of Russell's step-by-step problem-solving approach, Essential iGenetics blends a classic, Mendel-first approach with modern molecular coverage. This easy-to-read introduction to genetics presents full coverage of the subject in a brief and manageable format. Readers develop and apply critical thinking skills as they work step-by-step through a number of solved genetics problems. Readers can also apply the principles and techniques learned to a variety of problems at the end of each chapter. The book covers basic genetics principles, with balanced coverage of Mendel, historical experiments, and cutting-edge chapters on Genome Analysis and Molecular Evolution.*1.3 Mitosis and meiosis always differ in regard to the presence of a. chromatids. b. homologues. ... 1.5 For each mitotic event described in the following table, write the name of the event in the blank provided in front of the description. ... 1.11 Given the diploid, meiotic mother cell shown here, diagram the chromosomes as they would appear Mother cell a) Late pachynema b) Prophase II c) First polar bodyanbsp;...

Title:Essential IGenetics
Author:Peter J. Russell
Publisher:Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company - 2003


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