Essential open source toolset

Essential open source toolset

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Presents tools and environments freely available and helpful to programmers working in a UNIX-like environment, such as JUnit, DEJAGNU, GDB, DDD, and Bugzilla for testing and debugging; version control with CVS, DIFF, and PATCH; processing input with LEX and YACC; software construction with MAKE, ANT, and AUTOCONF; and integrated environments such as Eclipse. Original. (Intermediate)... VALGRIND to the sample program from Example 15.1, we obtain a message stating that sample accesses memory in an illegal manner. ... valgrind sample 11 14 Invalid read of size 4 at 0x804851F: shell_sort (sample . c : 17) by 0x8048646: main (sample . c : 35) by ... VALGRIND interprets the machine instructions of the program to be debugged, and keeps track of the used memory: a–i Each memory bit is ... 0x40EE902C A-bits a–i V-bits !!! an )H 274 15 Debugging with GDB and DDD.

Title:Essential open source toolset
Author:Andreas Zeller, Jens Krinke
Publisher:Wiley - 2005-03-14


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