Essentials of Control Techniques and Theory

Essentials of Control Techniques and Theory

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Carefully separating the essential from the ornamental, Essentials of Control Techniques and Theory presents the nuts and bolts for designing a successful controller. It discusses the theory required to support the art of designing a working controller as well as the various aspects to convince a client, employer, or examiner of your expertise. A Compelling Account of the Basics of Control Theory Control solutions for practicing engineers Using the authora€™s own Javascript On-Line Learning Interactive Environment for Simulation (Jollies), the text relies on computer-based graphical analysis methods, such as Nyquist, Nichols, root locus, and phase-plane, to illustrate how useful computer simulation can be for analyzing both linear and nonlinear systems. It explains step-by-step the design and modeling of various control systems, including discrete time systems and an inverted pendulum. Along with offering many web-based simulations, the book shows how mathematics, such as vectors, matrices, and the differential equations that govern state variables, can help us understand the concepts that underpin the controllera€™s effects. From frequency domain analysis to time-domain state-space representation, this book covers many aspects of classical and modern control theory. It presents important methods for designing and analyzing linear systems and controllers.John Billingsley graduated in mathematics and in electrical engineering from Cambridge University in 1960. ... Prototypes of the system went on trial on farms in Queensland, New South Wales, and the United States for several years. ... Other computer-vision projects have included an automatic system for the grading of broccoli heads, systems for discriminating between animal species for controllinganbsp;...

Title:Essentials of Control Techniques and Theory
Author:John Billingsley
Publisher:CRC Press - 2009-11-10


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